PTS HD 2013 Channel Rebrand Channel Package Montage

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  • To further strengthen the branding with the logo, the letter ‘P’ continues to be the focus, assembling and spinning in the 3 dimensional space; creating different yet interesting perspectives.
    Creative Director: JL 羅申駿
    Executive producer: Angela Moo 巫安琪 
    Project Manager: Eric Tsao 曹天旂
    Art Director: Lance Wei 魏良恩
    Designer: Hsiang Ju Hung 洪湘茹, Utsuo Chen 陳映男
    3D: Keat Leong 梁海傑, Rex Hong 洪鈺堂
    Compositor : Rex Hong 洪鈺堂, Heart Motion Media Company Ltd. 心動態媒體設計有限公司
    Music: Rockid Lee (MUSDM)
    Montage Music: Le Tigre / Friendship Station