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  • This project aims to promote social innovation, seeking new solutions to social inclusion and development, quality of life, civic and community participation, with a view to enabling the community of the District of Owner, groups and individuals through the following initiatives:
    - Eco-Design Remix: entrepreneurship among residents in collaboration with designers of reference, aiming at the production of designs by recycling waste materials, and in particular, wooden blocks, waste workshop, blinds, fabrics, various plastic , ... etc. with the aim of developing a business model, whose recipe is applied directly to the development of self-supporting design,
    - Eco-Theatre Remix: promoting children and youth attitudes and behavior through awareness and artistic expression,
    - Eco-remix Brigades: intervention and management of public space, made ​​by the local community at-raves of cleanup actions, improvement and regeneration.

    The BIP-ZIP Program - Districts and Zones of Priority Intervention in Lisbon, created by the Lisbon City Council as an instrument of municipal public policy, intended to foster partnerships and local interventions to improve the "habitat" covered by supporting projects developed out by parish councils, local associations, communities and non-governmental organizations, contributing to the enhancement of socio-territorial cohesion in the city.