• I.D. Magazine 
    Founded in 1954, I.D. covered the art, business and culture of design. As the manager of the creative team, I was responsible for design and oversight of all visual elements and content, including conceptualization, styling, and layout. 
  • The Selby Is In Your Place
    Designed for Harry N. Abrams, this book follows photographer Todd Selby and his excellent journey through the homes of the young and fabulous of the world. Wishing to combine all his talents, Todd's watercolor drawings and doodles were scattered throughout the book.
  • SEED Magazine
    Following the tag-line of "Science is Culture", SEED magazine looks at important issues at the intersection of science and society, and the people driving global science. 

    As Art Director and creative head of both art and production departments of Seed, I was responsible for design and oversight of all visual elements and content. Our aim was to elevate science design to a higher level and away from the dry and clinical perception of the typical science journal. 

    SEED was a finalist for two National Magazine Awards. 
  • Columbia University Abstract