PRINCE, photography Maciej Boryna

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  • co-operation, photographer Maciej Boryna
  • photography: Maciej Boryna
    model: Cyryl
    styling: Joanna Hir & Maciej Boryna
    production: Joanna Hir
  • Coat, headpiece, belt Halina Mrożek

    A samurai robe, on which, as the symbol of a family ancestry, can be seen plaits - symbols of masculinity and honour in the culture of the Orient. Its orange colour is a metaphor for fire, flames, energy. Through this outfit, a man affirms himself as a warrior.
  • Full body piece, hat by Halina Mrożek

    A rigid plating, reminiscent of armour, which provides a separation from reality. Finished with hand-made plant-themed ornaments. The discipline imposed by the construction of the costume enforces the adoption of a rigid standing pose and limits movement, simultaneously providing a safe haven. The element which lets in reality is small triangular opening in the plevic area. This is also the only vulnerable point.
  • Bubble glass necklace Halina Mrożek
  • Neckpiece Halina Mrożek
  • Plastic top by Halina Mrożek
  • Trousers by Halina Mrożek