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New paintings by JD Banke at SEASON.
JD Banke
SEASON at Prole Drift
December 5-28, 2013
Gallery hours, Thursday-Saturday noon-6pm.
Opening reception First Thursday, December 5, 2013, 6-8pm at Prole Drift, 523 S. Main St.   
The gallery will be closed Thursday December 26.
SEASON and Prole Drift are pleased to announce the opening of PRETTY LITTER, featuring new paintings by Seattle artists JD Banke.
Prole Drift has invited SEASON to exhibit Banke in its International District space for the month of December in an effort to build community and expand the sense of cooperation among galleries.  SEASON is excited to have this opportunity and feels it opens the gallery format to other options.  
There's a town where all the homes are mobile homes.  Every kid is tall and skinny and endlessly moping from one empty swimming pool to another.  The sun is always at noon and you can feel the pressure pushing your head into your spine.  Parking lots are flat, superflat.  In fact the whole town is seemingly built on a perfect flat disk.  Nothing moves, but if you push something, it will not stop until it hits one of the numerous dead palm trees or trash cans.  Most of the kids have skateboards and they roll effortlessly from one kitchen to another, raiding refrigerators and mothers' purses.  They glide by with pockets full of Pepsi and cash and anti-depressants; their long hair swells with the wind and wherever they go, they leave behind the scent of peppermint and fresh cut grass.  Someday soon, this town will buckle, the thin-walled homes will become piles of insulation and aluminum.  The parents will steal toys and torn denim.  They will toss trench coats and notebooks and cans of spray paint into the valleys and move to the top of the hills that look away, and they will drag these kids--their kids--with them to a new town, one less perfect.
JD Banke received his BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington.  JD's work has been exhibited at Vignettes and NEPO 5K, additionally his shows have ranged from apartments to coffee shops to hair salons.  SEASON is honored to show this new body of work.
JD Banke, NOT IMPRESSED, 2013, acrylic on paper, 14 x 11 inches, $350.
JD Banke, PLAY GROUND, 2013, acrylic on panel, 40 x 30 inches, $900.
Installatin view.
JD Banke, STRONG EMOTIONS, 2012, acrylic on panel, 10 x 8 inches, $450.
JD Banke, WE WERE A SAD FRUIT COCKTAIL, 2012, acrylic on panel, 10 x 8 inches, $450.
JD Banke, HOT WIFE 2, 2013, acrylic on paper, 17 x 14 inches, $350.
JD Banke, SMART ASS PANTS, 2013, acrylic on paper, 9 x 12 inches, $350.
JD Banke, I'M HIDING, 2013, acrylic on panel, 22 x 26 inches, $650.
JD Banke, AT TIMES, 2013, acrylic on paper, 11 x 14 inches, $350.
JD Banke, I B DOIN WUT I DO, 2013, acrylic on paper, 12 x 9 inches, $350.
JD Banke, NO PARKING, 2013, acrylic on paper, 11 x 14 inches, $350.
JD Banke, WAITING ROOM IN WHICH I HAVE WAITED, 2013, acrylic on paper, 11 x 14 inches, $350.
JD Banke, BART MUSEUM, 2013, acrylic on paper, 11 x 14 inches, $350.
JD Banke, NO VACAY, 2013, acrylic on paper, 11 x 14 inches, $350.
Installation view.