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  • Digital Bronze Winner - YoungGun Awards 2010

    Thanks to gaming platforms like XBox Kinect, the sports stars of the future are going to earn their eternal glory in a family room, not on a court. So where does that leave a sports drinks like Powerade?

    Sports games aim to deliver the most realistic professional sports experience possible. Sports drinks are a very real part of prefessional sports. A strategic partnership with popular sports games presents an enormous opportunity for a sports drink like Powerade to take ownership of the living room while it's still up for grabs.

    The Powerade Game Changer is a gameplay addition for select XBox Kinect games that gives gamers in-game benefits for drinking Powerade at certain points during the game. What makes this idea truly powerful though, is that it fits organically into the context of the game's story. What would a real athlete do between rounds or during a timeout? Rehydrate, of course. Rather than interrupt, the Game Changer increases user immersion by proffering a natural sort of realism.