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Imagion+fun=this project Photography: Senja Vild Location: Dašekovo//Croatia
The story goes like this.
At the beginning of this year, we had lovely people over for lunch, at our friends house where we were staying. Great opportunity for a photoshoot, of course. 
As I was in an enviroment where architecture, design and art in general were all around us, I wanted to make a link between all that and people who are in a way involved in that world.
When our friends came, I showed them variety of chairs from which they c
 choose, in which they feel most comfortable in. That chair would in some way represent their personality, the way they like to work, sit, think, relax. I took photos of them individually, on chairs they chose, and just a portrait, without the chairs.
In the end I took a group photo, and after all that we spent that beautiful day having lunch, talking and enjoying the nature.
Name: Nikola Đurek
Occupation: Typographer
Chair: Unknown Author 
Name: Dejan Kršić
Occupation: Graphic designer/ Art historian
Chair: Bernardo Bernardi
Name: Borut Vild
Occupation: Graphic designer
Chair: Astral Group (
Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy)/ Butterfly chair
Name: Kristina Martinović
Occupation: Bureaucrat
Chair: Unknown Author
Name: Snežana Ristić
Occupation: Journalist/ Architect
Chair: Bernardo Bernardi