30 years of the movement towards each other
    Police is an Italian manufacturer of fashion accessories. Launched in 1983, the company was initially specializing in designing sunglasses. In 1997 Police launched their first perfumes set and in 2003 – their first watch collection. 2008 marked the launch of the company's first apparel collection. Over the course of its history, the Police brand has been advertised by numerous celebrities, including Paulo Maldini, Bruce Willis, George Clooney, James O'Sullivan, David Beckham and Antonio Banderas.
    30 years Russia and Police moved along different paths. Their life paths connected in 2013: the brand Police officially comes into Russia and runs promotional website that invites us to go back in time and see the stages of our life paths:
  • Art-director & designer: Yuriy Mihalchenko
    Creative-director: Stas Okruh
    Copywriter: Danila Yusma
    Web developer: Timofey Chaptykov
    Project manager: Vika Prussak, Vitaliy Baklanov
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