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  • The PNCIMA (Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area) Initiative's purpose is to ensure a healthy, safe and prosperous ocean area along the coast of Northern BC. PNCIMA attempts to engage all interested parties in collaborative development, including government, First Nations and other coastal communities of the area. In 2010, Rocketday completed a new logo design for the initiative.
    Our process began by exploring logo concepts that communicate PNCIMA's message and purpose, through type and symbol. We worked closely with a committee of PNCIMA representatives in an iterative, exploratory process. From this, we settled on a design concept.
  • We designed custom typography for the wordmark. The letter forms were designed to reflect the waves of the ocean and curves of traditional First Nations artwork. Rounded features and bold letter forms were chosen to create a personality that implies strength and safety, while being friendly and approachable.
  • Rocketday worked in collaboration with a couple First Nations artists to create the symbol that would accompany the wordmark. This was a collaborative process between traditional (First Nations) and contemporary digital (Rocketday) iconography. The result is a logo that aims to support PNCIMA's purpose and indentity.
    (Thank you Hilary, the PNCIMA Communications Committee and our First Nations collaborators who made this a pleasure to work on.)