• There is just that one day every month
    when you crave the weirdest things:
    cupcakes covered in purple icings, sugar coated doughnuts and chocolate cake topped with extra extra whip cream... Ladies, admit it. You know you do. So why run to Walmart's bakery to fill up your crazy craving?
    PMS cafe is where you wanna go! We will have everything you will need to satisfy your craving and we will 120%  guarantee you that you will walk out with a smile on your face.
    Come "enjoy your period" at PMS cafe! 
  • The Story
    My best friend Kana and I always had these "ice cream breaks," where we would drop all work, change into sweatpants, munch on snacks and be lazy. Best break ever. Anyway - it all happened one day when we were compaining about PMS during one of our breaks. "Seriously, it's insane how crazy I can get! You know what the world needs? A place to treat angry PMSing women with all the luxury they need. The world would be such a different place." We paused, and looked at each other.
    That's genius.
    Immediately we jotted down ideas: this amazing place that serves all the goodies we crave. With really comfy couches, maybe even a massage service. A library of movies, and tissues to accompany the sobby ones. What if Shiseido worked with us and gave out free skincare samples? Maybe even re-design tampon packages for a happier look. The ideas were endless. You're right, Kana - maybe the world would be quite a different place!
  • The Logo
    We decided to call this the PMS Cafe, simply because it was straight to the point. Originally, the logo was an angry girl emerging out of a coffee cup, but that didn't really translate our idea. No, no, no - PMS cafe is nowhere related to stress, bitchiness, or being sobby. It's a place where customers get to treat themselves with things they usually hesitate to get: forget skinny Latte! We will overload your Mochaccino with overflowing whipcream! 
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