PIcnic in Bed

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  • Picnic in Bed is a tray table set that makes dining beyond the kitchen simpler, cleaner, and more transportable. The furniture unit itself is incredibly stable and light-weight. And thanks to the removable tray top, the table can remain stationary while the tray is used to transport food and drink from the kitchen for refills, with less spilling along the way.

    In order to achieve a full-scale looks-like prototype to test usability, Picnic in Bed was constructed of inexpensive layer board, yellow foam, plastic and bondo with an auto-body quality paint job.

    User research was conducted to pinpoint the issues associated with dining beyond the kitchen. The foodware in the Picnic in Bed collection was designed to be solid and stable, with a wide-mouth mug and bowl for ease of use. The tray is ergonomic and easy to understand as it fits seamlessly to the top of the bed-top table.

    Picnic in Bed was designed using traditional pen-and-paper sketching methods. Next, a 3D model was constructed to verify the assembly, and then a physical prototype was assembled in an industrial shop.This exploded view was modeled in Alias and rendered in Bunkspeed Hypershot.