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  • Maurizio Marcato is one of Italyʼs most diverse and creative photographers.  His newest project PIN UP celebrates the classic beauty, style and humor found in the Pin Up. Maurizio Marcato gets his inspiration from his love of beauty, nostalgia and freedom that he first felt growing up in northern Italy in the early 1960s in the after math of Second World War. 
    The American soldiers had brought more than just military might to his country in the years that followed the Second World War. As a young boy Maurizio took a liking to the idealized beauty of the Pin Ups that he saw used in advertising. The American soldiers had brought some of the freedoms of expression that had already taken hold in America to Italy for the first time. It was these early glimpses of the work of Joyce Ballantyne, Al Buell, Edward Runci, and the great Gil Elvergren that left a lasting impression on Maurizio Marcato. 
    The term Pin Up first appeared in 1941 but the illustrated style goes back into the late 1800s. The original Pin Up artists were all painters and illustrators who employed the camera for only the first step in making their creations. The painter would often photograph a model appearing to be caught in the moment of an unfortunate incident causing skirts and petticoats to be lifted revealing an embarrassing lingerie display. 
    In Maurizio work the camera captures the moment and in post-production the images are made to appear flawless, stylized and colored in ways that resemble paintings. Each model is chosen with great care to possess a combination of youthful beauty, bright-eyed innocence and then dressed and made up in a vintage style. 
    Great care is taken to make the scene detailed and styled with objects and props. One theme is displayed here
    the pleasurable experience of BEERdrinking. 


    Birreria Pedavena
    Bevande Verona