• PIM 2011-2012
  • The acronym PIM  stands for Platform Innovatie in Marketinga Dutch knowledge network that interfaces marketing and technology, with 750 members from prominent industry positions and still growing. At the beginning of each year a report is released to provide an overview of the most relevant trends in the marketing business that will impact the year to come. 

    In 2011 I was approached by Peter G., the editor of the report, who asked me to create a trailer illustrating the contents in a brief yet appealing and captivating manner with a degree of informational value. The result of 2011 was warmly received, hence we repeated this approach for 2012. The videos shown below are a combination of motion graphics I made on After Effects, short segments of existing footage available on the internet (such as Microsoft's Vision for the Future), and music tracks, each directed as a fast-paced videoclip.