PFAFF 150 Year Anniversary

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  • PFAFF 150 Year Anniversary
    3D & Motion Design
  • For 150 years PFAFF® has brought you the most modern technology, perfection down to the smallest detail and unlimited possibilities. For 150 years PFAFF® has provided the tools that feed your passion and help turn your creativity into reality.
    We had the pleasure to celebrate with our friends over att PFAFF and launched both a celebration film as well as a website.

    We came up with a concept where each bit of the 150 year old history should be represented by a box in a celebration inspired scenery. We wanted the scenery to set the tone of a happy celebration but in the same time not to be too dominant and messy. We settled for a simple palette with orange, blue and pink and elements like confetti, balloons, etc to set the gentle tone of a celebration.  The launch clip was designed to act as teaser, to get the viewer curious and read further on the website.

    The campaign site on the web was based on the 3D scenery, where you could navigate into the different boxes to read more.

    More about this project over at (swedish)
  • On top is the design for the launch clip, where the two anniversary sewing machines were being revealed.
    Below is the same design modified for the website, where we moved the anniversary machines away from the 3D scenery and integrated them in the website design instead.
  • Storyboard sketching by my colleague, Julia Modén-Treichl