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    Copyright ©2003
    Designer(s): Dimitris Foussekis

    “I was hit by the flower power movement and the psychedelic sounds of the West Coast several years after it all happened, but I can still remember myself at a much younger age, secretly saving money from my parents’ allowance to buy those rare vinyls from the sixties. Kaleidoscope, 13th Floor Elevators, Moby Grape, Country Joe & the Fish, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Big Brother & the Holding Company and so many others. Several years past and all this was left behind till about 2001 when memorabilia hit me. Sixties and seventies were once again revisited by the fashion and music industry to become part of mainstream. It was then that I convinced designer Dimitris Foussekis to create Parachute’s own version of the distinct lettering of that era. My old collection of rare albums and posters came quite handy as a reference. The works of artists like Wes Wilson who pioneered the psychedelic poster design in the sixties, were also used as a reference. PF Psychedelia tries to capture the organic flowing nature of these letters as much as possible. It diverts from the stiff, almost geometric structure of other fonts which were developed in the past in an attempt to revive the psychedelic lettering. PF Psychedelia comes in 2 main styles. Far Out, with its round forms, is softer and hallucinatory, whereas Drop Out is more aggresive and revolutionary. The whole series is completed with Extras, a font which contains a set of fluid forms made from words. You get this when you purchase the whole family. Can you dig it? Love, Peace!” – Panos Vassiliou

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