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  • PEYO Regular
    PEYO is a playful, uppercase, geometric sans serif designed
    for display type uses such as headlines, posters and titles. 
    PEYO Regular (v.1) is available for free and has 
    over 13,000 downloads since September 2013 (Dec 2013)
    3 other weights are still in progress.
    Thank you for viewing my project!
    PEYO Regular is my first ever font, it is not the best font in the world
    and there probably are some mistakes in it.  If you spot any major errors
    please do let me know :) and if you ever use it for any projects do send
    me a link of it as well! i'll really appreciate them! you can just drop me a
    comment below or email me at
    Thank you!
    EYO Regular (v.1) is available for free
    3 other weights are still in progress.