PETA contest

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  • PETA meets purple leaves!
    T-Shirt design contest
    Theme: Animals

  • PETA stand for animal rights. The community fashion label purple leaves stands for design and is official partner of PETA Germany. A good reason to organize a design contest with the theme "animals".

    Till September 30th you can submit your design ideas and afterwards you have two weeks time to decide which three T-Shirts should be produced. The top three "Animal-Prints" will be available in the PETA and purple leaves shop.

    All of the profits will be donated to the PETA to support their work against animal cruelty.

    The three winners of the contest will be rewarded with 200€ and a purple leaves shopping voucher of 100€.

    Support the fight against animal cruelty.

  • "We are not just Animals" - sailordanny
  • no toy - goldmaire
  • Walking Shadow - Jason