• PERU LONDON PAVILIONevent design, London

    Collaborators: D. Rodriguez, E. Rodriguez
  • Designing a contemporaryexhibition space which represents a country needs unquestionably a strictanalysis of its values and identity.

    We started with adetailed study of the Peruvian physical topography and natural resources from theNorth to the South. This method of analysis allowed to highlight peculiaritiesof this country in terms of culture, art, history, gastronomy.

    The way to materializethis exhibition system comes directly from Peru’s artistic legacy and theinterpretation of the stone construction system developed by the Incas.

    A systematizationof Incas’ pattern produces the generation of a modular system of constructionwhich defines all the program of the exhibition.

    All the exhibitionwants to be interpreted as a spatial, material system composed of modular and woodenpieces. The geometry of these modules configures infinite possibilities,responds to many functions and adapts to different locations. In fact, these partsare easily stackable, storable and transportable.

    Corn fiber panels will used to manifacture themodules.