• "We wish you a scary Halloween !"  
    A Pepsi can disguised as a Cola can, so scary ! But don't be affraid, it's Halloween...
    Agency - Buzz in a Box 
    Art Director - Gregory Defay & Quentin Gascard
    Account Manager - Tu Anh Ha
    Client - Pepsi Belgium
  • We received the project below from the advertising agency Buzz in a Box with only one (magic) briefing: please make a good picture! We found the idea so terrific, we were immediatly excited !
  • We made some tests, but we did not want to put a giant can in a scary scenery. And working with the trompe l'oeil technic bring the decor to poor.
    We decide to find the perfect place to put the can, a kind of small crypt, within the the right proportions.
    So we went to the (haunted) forest, by night...
  • .. and get back 28hrs later, with a torn ear, a Nike less, scratches everywhere. We have been lost... 
    But we find the perfect place ! The challenge was to put the camera on the stand, as we were just behind a pond. It was not working. So we placed the photographer in the pond, no other choice.
  • After some lighting (thanks to lithium batteries !) and retouching (thanks to Tim, our Photoshop ninja!), here is the result.
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