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  • pending | pendi ng |adjectiveawaiting decision or settlement : nine cases were still pending.• about to happen; imminent : with a presidential election pending, it would be wrong to force the changes through now | the pending disaster.

    prepositionuntil (something) happens or takes place : they were released on bail pending an appeal.
    ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: anglicized spelling of French pendant ‘hanging.’

    C, W, B & L  |Claire, Wiktor, Bruno, Lise | A Dialogue
    Pending means something is ambiguous. It does not look quite right. You don’t think it is going to stand up. Where is the point of gravity? Let’s do a staircase opposite a staircase. We need an angle so that people can stand underneath. Oh I wouldnt want to stand underneath that structure. Oh ok, but we designed it. It looks quite fragile.