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    Pearls of Wisdom is  an installation by Studio Kmzero + ZetaFonts (Debora Manetti, Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, Francesco Canovaro + Barbara Giardelli, Marco Pezzoni e Enrico Ausiello) with Simone Massoni (SketchThisOut), Ilaria Falorsi, Jonathan Calugi (HappyLoversTown), Leonardo Betti (LeonardoWorx), Federico Landini (I depend on me), Riccardo Sabatini e Linda Cavallini (Lia).

    What better way to envision the concept of “glocal” than choosing the lovely florentine hills as a backdrop for a graduation show of the students of the Master in Communication Design
    at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London?

    With the project Pearls of Wisdom (Perle di Saggezza) Studio Kmzero expands on the idea
    of mixing local and global, by inviting a selection of tuscan visual artists and illustrators to visualize quotations from influential personalities of worldwide communication design.

    The result will be available in art capsules, contained in the vending machine “Pearls of Wisdom”
    that will be active during the event, next to an installation of generative graphics, in which quotations
    are interpreted using fonts from the digital foundry ZetaFonts (

    And this is my personal submission (Riccardo).

  • Gork - Exodus
  • "Use two typefaces families maximum.
    Ok, maybe three."

    - Tymothy Samara -

  • "When you make something no one hates it,
    no ones love it."

    - Tibor Kalman -
  • "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

    - Leonardo Da Vinci -

    ps. sorry for the bad mispelling of sofi(phi)stication,
    too much focusing on composition and not enough on grammar...
    ... and it has been printed before recognize the error (dammmnnn!!!)
  • Packed prints ready for the exhibition.
  • Prints stuffed into this lovely vintage vending machine.
    Photos taken during the exhibition.

    Featuring Laura (Riccardo's gf)
    That's all.