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Client: PDFA / ONDCP
Project: Follow Your Heart
Agency: DDB, San Francisco
Creative Directors: Sara Rose & Kelly Colchin
CCO: Lisa Bennett
Producer: Frank Brooks
Production Company: Blacklist
Executive Producers: Adina Sales & Andrew Linsk
Producers: Alexander Unick & Nathan Jew
Associate Producer: Patrick Gantert
Animation Studio: Wizz
Directors: Flying V - Gary Levesque & Clément Soulmagnon
Executive Producer: Amanda Stubbs
2D Animators: Jake Armstrong & Danny Hynes
Compositor: Hélène Park
Additional Compositing: David Rasura
3D Animators: Entae Kim, Yuheng "Danka" Chiang & Tehmina Beg

Role: 3D animation, lighting and texturing on inside pages of book.