• This project is not just about patterns.

    A pair of months ago I've been contacted by a friend of mine to do a workshop/lesson about pattern design where he works, the coworking space Multiverso, here in Florence (Italy).

    The workshop has been conducted on their open day, together with other similar happenings
    (a typographic exhibition, a presentation of a game app, other design workshops, etc.).

    During the month, while preparing my presentation, I've thought a lot about how and what I could show. And, in the meantime, I decided to re-design my self brand-image.

    So, I've made this logo. And, from the logo, the rest is born.

    Now, let images talk, enjoy!
    Then, after I've finished the logo and the consequent brand image, I've taken one of the logo-patterns to design the cover of my project presentation for the workshop.

    You can see the cover below.

    The presentation, a lookalike editorial uploaded on Issuu, discussed what is a pattern in terms of definition, presence into nature, into mathematics, as graphic art concept into history, and into modern times as well, into art and fashion and other mediums.

    The second part was the speech during the workshop.
    Don't worry. It's already enough material.
    It's in italian language and due to the wonderful light settings
    of my gf camera the screen is practically invisible.

    And it's almost half a hour of talk.

    Skip it, I would do the same.