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    Panchita opened its doors for the first time in 2009 with the intention of being the best place for Peruvian grills. Its menu offered large varieties of meat and typical Creole dishes. But not much time had passed before for this second choice started to warm the hearts of whom ordered it.
    Now five years later Panchita is known not as the only but sure the best Creole restaurant in the Peruvian capital either in its food and its quality and service .
    Although there was one single aspect that wasn't closing the concept at its 100% at the time: its philosophy had evolved throughout the years and it was time for the visuals to take the next step. 
    Our work in this project was to enclose the new qualities and values ​​that customers themselves had given to Panchita, which was now personified and many wonders who this Panchita?
    Well Panchita is a great woman, mother, kind, generous and represents the modern Lima. A Lima that celebrates its traditions with pride. That pays homage to its past without prejudice. We are talking about a Lima that represents all corners of Peru with its cuisine, art and music.
    Therefore Panchita is the mother of Creole who opens its doors to childhood memories, it is the warmth of family and the grace of all Peruvian women. Panchita is us all .

  • / Entrance /
    Below the great gate, an Andean couch and blueish tiles receives us. In the lobby you can see anticuchos being prepared and a portrait hanging on the wall. Welcome to Panchita´s home.

    / Oven /
    Where the daily bread is prepared. The modern touch is in the blackboards with classic Creole phrases, along with the indispensable spices, a weight and some morning shopping from the market.
    / Private salon /
    A room is hidden behind windows and it is full of memories, books and pictures. Panchita keeps it for her closest friends and family gatherings.
    / Salad Bar /
    Panchita´s vegetable garden, a collection of the best that our country offers. This small island also holds Panchita´s secrets and recipes. 
    / Bar /
    The party begins here! The festivities and Peruvian folklore meet at this point. Those who have the youngest spirit may celebrate here every day of the week!
    General Manager: Gastón Acurio
    Manager: Diego Rojas
    Cuisine Manager: Martha Palacios
    Concept Direction: Jumping Lomo
    Graphic Design: Estampa
    Interior Design: Jumping Lomo
    Chalkboards Design: Ruta Mare
    Tableware Production: Grimanesa Neuhaus
    Music Direction: Bruno Sánchez
    General Production: Angelit Meza / Erika Schuler
    Photography: Ines Menacho / Jumping Lomo files
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