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Experimental PAN AM Airline identity during December 2012 (for fun).
Experimental company rebrand and conceptual exploration for November 2012
So where has the romance gone to? I love the experience of travel, and after booking a recent trip I had noticed that the UX and general design of airlines sites are varied. 

The Virgin, Emirates and Jetstar sites I would have to say are the best out there but generally don't address the broader question of the overall travel experience. This raised a question after my return, where did the "love of the adventure" go from flying to exotic locations?

After looking through my photos I was tempted to think of the old nostalgia PAN AM images, there was a certain romance and sense of adventure for the experience when flying around the world now it's a matter pure moving from point A to B.

I wondered if PAN AM were still in business today in all of its former glory what would this brand look and feel like? I put together the follow as a bit of fun, just to see how a pre-digital brand would translate to today's modern ecosystem, it also gave me a good excuse to use some of the photos I've taken on my last holiday.