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Packaging design
Packaging done for different brands and categories over a few seasons
Hanging pack for set of 3 core underwear for Denizen. The logo in the centre in the actual pack is a cutout. The side is covered with PVC to highlight the colors in the pack.
Hyderabad-based tea wholesalers looking to launch their own brand.
Created Brand identity and Packaging
Packaging used for a set of 3 t-shirts. The purpose was to create something unique, vibrant and colorful that would stand out amongst other products and could also make for great Visual merchandising option at MBO’s.
The bag was used as a combo pack for a denim & t-shirt set for Allen Solly. The idea was that the t-shirt & denim should be visible through the packaging. At the same time we created packaging that could be used as a bag subsequently.
Die cut shopping bags for Allen Solly, designed to coincide with the seasons campaign that would be shaped a little differently compared to regular shopping bags.