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iPad app developed for internal use for Gillette design and production teams.
Summary:Gillette presented us with a unique challenge. The global design director sawan opportunity to streamline the die line and packaging process. There was alack of consistency when creating new packaging and a loss of control overbrand and legal adherence. We spent 8 days with the client, conducted interviewswith key stakeholders, developed detailed personas and dug into their processesand production goals. One of our deliverables was a working prototype of an iPadapp that enabled P&G sales and production staff to create packaging in 5easy steps. Everyone from the top-level sales to production assistants couldpull from approved die lines and pre-populated marketing copy and legal terms. Thispermission-based app allowed design staff to add new creative and sales teamsto create custom packages for their key retailers. We also delivered the fullapp strategy which included a custom CMS and asset management tool, full appdevelopment plan and back-end solutions which will enable seamless approvalprocesses for all users, including management, brand adherence and legalapprovals. Once a package is approved and final, the system will tie to theirmany print vendors to take the assets into print production. We worked with theclient to deliver a cost savings analysis. Our solution predicts to saveGillette over 56 million in the first year. The project is scheduled to beginin January 2012.
· My Role:
- led 8-day client meetings
- stakeholder questions and interviewing
- persona development and presentation
- application development strategy
- prototype design
- interaction and user flow design
- CMS and DAM strategy and flow
- delivery of strategy and client presentation