Own a Dog (Infographic and products)

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  • Own a Dog
    For a graphic design workshop that I attended I was instructed to design an information graphic. The only restriction was that you could not make a poster.  I enjoy creating products and labels such as these and so I combined this idea with the love of owning a pet dog. The purpose was to inform people of the necessary items for being a first time dog owner.

    This would be ideal for a pet store or pet section in a department store such as Walmart.  A life size dog cut out serves as the key to the information while foot prints convey information about the health benefits of owning a pet dog.

    Contents: Dog toys, dog collar, dog leash, dog food, dog bowls, dog bed/padding
  • Pdf version of dog cut out
  • Products
  • Dog toys
  • Close up of dog food can
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