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  • ¬†Simple stories, for simple souls...
  • When l write these Soul Stories, l honestly feel like lm pulling out all the sad and vulnerable pieces of the your soul, (along with mine-mixed up with the real & the pretend) & then trying to turn them into something beautiful for you 2 read...
    What l humbly wish 4, is out of the hundreds of stories l have written, that 'one' will reach into your heart and give it a gentle squeeze - that just one will remind you how to feel and open you up 2 some of the yummy stuff that we so easily forget...

    Searching through countless
    number of book stores,
    l never quite discovered
    the perfect stories to read
    of how l really felt,
    so l decided to find them
    by writing the words l longed for,
    just for me...

    And then in time,
    l would compassionately
    write for those
    close to my heart,
    and for those in honest need...

    And now,
    l humbly write
    for all souls out there,
    - especially for the ones
    who can not find true words
    to express how much
    they really 'feel'.
    Whether it be for those
    who are broken
    almost beyond repair,
    or for those
    who can easily believe
    that such bliss and magic
    ooze from every pore...

    I just want,
    and deeply wish,
    to find your words
    - and write
    for you all... © November 2 .09

    'Soul Stories'