#Overheard Semi-Permanent Auckland

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  • Identity & bespoke 'call & response' design at Semi-Permanent Design Conference, Auckland.
    As part of Massey University's undergraduate design studio Open Lab, a small pop-up studio was set up over 2 days at Semi-Permanent design conference in March 2012. 
    Pulling strengths from various advertising, graphic design, branding, marketing and photographic disciplines as part of a haptic, engaging system of design, #Overheard takes soundbytes, photographs and memorable moments from the conference and visually re-interprets them by producing a series of postcards for delegates and guests to take away as well as incorporating these moments into a social media strategy that promotes #Overheard activities during the conference.
    A collaboration with Charlotte McCrae, Ashley Williams, Jo Bailey, Max Scott-Murray and Simone van Tiel.
    Photography by Max Scott-Murray