(Branding, Packaging & Web)
  • Ovatemp is both a digital and a physical interface for women who are looking to conceive. It provides a professional, discrete and practical alternative through natural methods. Its simple system, easy to use and non-invasive, is conformed by an oral thermometer, a nutritional supplements programme, exercise routines and a smartphone app which functions as the system’s hub – all providing exact, timely and personalised information.
    We developed a visual language that speaks directly to modern women, who are at one with both technology and with the simplicity of digital interfaces. With the identity created for Ovatemp we want to communicate a simplicity which is then also transmitted through its packaging and other applications, along with other core brand values such as hygiene, trust, modernity and technology.
    The texts developed for the brand transmit a human approach and kindness, guiding women through the system’s use.