Outra Constituição

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    School Project
    This project consisted on the re-interpretation of The Portuguese Constitution. With this in mind, in a first phase of the project, the focus was the editorial. With all the parts having a special separation and the titles positioned on the edge of the pages, to create a continuous effect throughout the pages and also be usable as the marking of these certain titles, for later consultation.
    With the whole book finished, all the pagination, an intervation was done. With the difficult times in which we find ourselves, increasingly there is a need to make ourselves heard, we demonstrate against austerity and these recent measures taken by our government, the organ that we ought to support us.
     With acetate paper between the normal pages, the intervation was made in red and black to be superimposed over the original text, so that it would stay intact but with the truth shown in those interventions.
    Rui Canedo
    School Project
    ESAD’2013, March
    UC Project II
    Prof. Susana Fernando
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    Rui Canedo
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