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Tee designs for OuterEdit™ - Collab "Anatomy".
Some designs I did for OuterEdit™ ( collab "Anatomy". There were couple of artists involved in this collaboration and the task was to make use of elements from each other's designs to create new ones, while still keeping the new designs relevant to the theme "Anatomy". 
*Final tee prints are slightly different in terms of position and colors. Check them out at OuterEdit site for details! 
Cheers! :)
Above: Sacrifice for the Owl God
A depiction of the life of a typical sacrifice for the Owl God in the ancient Anatomia civilisation.
Some design elements used here are contributed by Sunleesiewloo :)
Above: Imago
The human remains provided the nutrients to aid in the transformation of this special member of the Lepidoptera into her adult, sexually mature stage - the Imago.
Some design elements used here are contributed by Sunleesiewloo and Wehjee :)
Above: Forming the Form
The understanding of artistic anatomy is about knowing how to build up the complex anatomical structure from the basic forms. It is essentially just like carving, whereby the carpenter chisels bits and pieces off from the primitive basic forms to create the final form.