Logotype for company from Saudi Arabi
  • From brief: I would love to make a logo for my store called "Ousses" that sell "OUD & SAFFRON" (oud is an arabian classic perfume). The style of the store will be between Arabian Luxury & Classical styles.
  • Client send me the sample of what he need..
    Let' start!
  • No. 
  • No. 
  • Interesting but..
  • Show the client as an example my new concept of word "freedom".
    He like it. And said that he wants something like that.
  • Maybe, something like that?

  • Part of the process..
  • Yes! This is what wee need!
  • Client:
     LoL, you got me! This is what I call it a real beauty..

  • Thank you for attention.
    Feel free to make an orders. ;-)