Our lost civilisation

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  • Some words on the matter by the lovely Sophia Sin. Not too long ago, geneticists proved that all people alive today are descendants of a relatively small tribe of individuals that walked out of africa some 60,000 years ago, carrying out the human spirit and imagination to the inner and outer corners of the habitable world. This also implies that every culture shares the same potentials, the same amount of intellectual capacity and the same strands of raw genius are imbedded in our unique coding. Westerners have undoubtedly achieved great things technologically, productively exercising their innovative right to sustainability in regards to the conservation of the environment. Many have have taken a stand for environmental awareness, cultural fairness, animal rights and implementing environmental management. Sadly, many have chosen to remain comfortably blind, ignorant to the changing climates, unnatural disasters, wealth induced manipulation and the mistreatment of the indigenous people. The global voices of those in suffering are being silenced as the decline in cultural diversity begins to steepen. A language is being lost. Not a language consisting of vocabulary, a language that is the vehicle by which the soul of each particular culture can sing freely in the material world, for every elder and tribes person lost, so is the last syllables of an ancient song. It's very clear we are at the brink of a cultural evolution, where we can go forth with the aid of technology, alongside our vital elements, towards the planets conservation. Still, I find myself asking "what have we done?" What's wrong? With all the great minds we have, all the minds and thinking that have gone before us, with all the lessons of history left for us to examine, it's so difficult to imagine why we aren't further along as a nation than we are now, more separate than ever. At the tips of our fingers, we are inundated with more information, on a daily basis, than we can process. It's like we're lost in the noise of an over-communicated environment, bombarded day to day, we're clinging to the very walls of our confinement, trying to scramble away from ourselves because the information we are receiving does not serve us nor nourish us. Where is the wisdom we have lost in the knowledge, the wisdom lost to the intellectual preference? In a time where we gather around to watch a sitcom, willingly blind and ignorant witnesses to the happenings around us, letting modernisation make complacency of mankind. Finger-pointing has become an unsuccessful loop, a hinderance in moving forward. We are one nation, a nation that needs to stop cowering in the face of misery and responsibility and take a stand together in the face of wayward uncertainty and a step forward into the open arms of compassion. A lady once said to me, that the body needed to be regarded as a precious child. I believe this can be taken into account for the matters of the earth today because what good is it to be genetically procreating, if the long-term effects of how we are mistreating the earth are continually being disregarded? We take for granted how much nature supports us. We take for granted our beautiful trees and all they do for us. We are provided with nourishing fruit, our every breath is supported, we may sit in shelter from harsh rays of the mid-summer sun, a tree provides the wood for you to build a home for you and your family, a shelter. There are endless services our trees humbly carry out, they do not complain or hurt us yet we're cutting them down at an alarming rate and because trees are so integrated into our daily life we forget to stop and think about the whole variety of benefits they provide, how lucky we are, even more so to be able to learn from them. We could definitely do with a little bit of integration in our nation, mindfully, compassionately, racially, culturally and economically, we have so much to offer, not only to one another but our unconditionally supportive planet and our beloved Mother Nature who has done nothing but provide us with everything we could ever need and more. It's time to stop taking and start giving, it's time to stop talking and start listening, it is time to consider that we only have one earth - and the moment our planet becomes damaged beyond repair, there will be nothing left for us to do except wallow in regret. Show our great Mother the respect she deserves and stop taking her for granted, she needs us now, more than ever. So be thankful for the life that you have in the garden of infinite possibilities and please, take only what you need, and give back all that she deserves.