Our Road Lawn Ornaments

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  • One of the 90 ornaments installed across Logan Boulevard in Chicago Logan Square.
  • Every day in Chicagoland there are more than 800 traffic crashes. Of those, about 150 drivers will flee the scene. On average, Chicagoland has more than one traffic fatality every day, another 24 people are seriously injured every day. Most of these crashes are cars crashing into other cars, but these car crashes are not isolated events - many happen on streets filled with innocent passersby, pedestrians and bicyclists. These passersby are the people most vulnerable to serious injury and death.
  • Morning preparation for installation. These wooden miniatures were produced by a CAD rendering and a water-jet saw. 
  • The icon system behind the signage. It's Swiss International with a twist of irreverent attitude.  
  • Within three days all of the ornaments had disappeared from Logan Boulevard.
  • Over the past year I've been delighted to find them appearing as decorations in homes and apart of art collections.
  • This work was apart of Moving Design's call to action around bicycle safety in Chicago. This intervention on bicycle safety was lead by myself along side Cody Hudson, John Pobojewski , Gregory Pilon, Scott Reinhard, Bud Rodecker, and our fearless leader Rick Valicenti. Together we built a force of 52 of Chicago's most talented and passionate designers, artists, and educators to create interventions that engaged and activated discourse on bicycle safety.
    With the objective of converting design/art/communication into tangible and real experiences in efforts toward improving our neighbors' and our own lives meant designing a pamphlet was completely out of the question.