Our Life

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  • I would like to propose a celebration... in honor of us. Life as I see it, is a collectively growing experience birthed by history. Your and I’s daily events are ever exponentially evolving upon all that which has preceded. Each occurrence is part cause, part effect — part chance, part choice all in randomly fluctuating ratios. As each moment has taken a life time to shape, each will shape a lifetime. Success and failure, delight and struggle, being and nothingness are our invaluable experiences. Recognizing our actions and experiences as important we ready ourselves for growth. This piece is a celebration, for all that we do and all that we are.
  • Upon the closing of the Typforce2 exhibition, The Chicago Urban Art Society presented these works in downtown Chicago's Century Building with the support of the Chicago Loop Alliance Foundation's Pop-Up Art Loop Program.
  • The Century Building at 202 S. State Street is located on the southwest corner of State and Adams streets.
  • Flatcolor Gallery in Pioneer Square, Seattle exhibited the 'Joy' piece in their Letter/Form show. The exhibit included works from Joker Transcend, Art Chantry, Shawn Wolfe, Codak, Jesse Edwards, Gwiz, Do-It, Japhy Witte, Zach Rockstad and Greg Lamarche.