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ISTD Project brief 2013 Unsung Heroes/Heroines. A tour and book about my grandad's life in Belfast.
ISTD Project – Unsung Heroes/Heroines
‘Our Frank.’
The theme of this brief was to highlight a person or persons that could be seen to be a hero/heroine in some small way; many unknown people do great things that go unnoticed.
For me that person was my Grandfather – Frank. He was a great inspiration for the first thirteen years of my life and to me he is an unsung hero.
To celebrate his life I created a ten-stop tour around Belfast, each stop having played some important part of his life. At every stop along the tour typography was placed on the building or area that related to Frank's life; an app was then created with an augmented reality feature to enable the user to discover more about his life at each stop. A tour book  was also produced and it acts as both a tour guide and also provides a biography about Frank's life.