• Oskar Kullander
    Identity, Stationery & Website
    Oskar Kullander is a freelance photographer based in Stockholm with a wide range of customers. Kullander has been awarded ‘Rookie of the Year’ (PFK, 2006) and won the ‘Swedish Picture of The Year Award’ (Årets Bild, 2007).
    We designed and developed Kullanders’s visual identity and website. We wanted to create a no-nonsense identity that reflected the nature of Oskar’s work without being overly descriptive. A monogram, based on Kullander’s initials, ‘O’ and ‘K’ mimicking the shape of a camera lens, became the base of the identity. Sticking with the reductive approach in Kullander’s sparse photos, we chose to use only one paper-stock and one typeface, in one weight and size throughout the identity.
    For the website we chose to work with Emil Olsson’s Word Press theme ’Layers’. We expanded the theme, customizing it to meet the needs of Kullander. This included going from a fixed height to a responsive solution, by scaling images to fit the screen. This is to ensure that no images are cropped when presented. Another addition to the original theme was adding a thumbnail overview, to help stressed Art Directors and other potential clients swiftly find what they are looking for.
    Please visit our website for more work: