Orociok Saiwa TV commercial

  • 2029
  • 98
  • 8
  • This job has been done for Mutado
    Client: Saiwa / Mondelēz Italia
    Agency: Havas Worldwide Milan
    Creative Director: Selmi Barissever - Lorenzo Crespi
    Art director: Diego Campana
    Copywriter: Riccardo Walchhutter
    Producer (Havas): Daniela Capua
    Production: Mutado
    Illustration: Rubens Cantuni
    Animation: Davide Ragona
    Project manager (Mutado): Ilaria Bitetto
    3D packaging: Emiliano Colantoni (The Shift)

  • Before the video above there has been another version based on a different concept.
    The kid was daydreaming to be ice skating, so the mom had two options: make her room ice cold or win the ice skating class with the product contest :D
    When the bedroom was freezing a penguin was appearing in the scene.
    In this version the characters and the animations are not perfectly polished, because this was supposed to be a test.
  • The character of the first version: the mom (who is basically the same as the final version), a small kid with an ice skating costume, a cute penguin
  • All the ambients, in both videos, have been made entirely in Adobe Photoshop. All the furniture and details have been drawn, here and there I added photographic textures to elements.
  • Digital sketch of the kid's bedroom
  • Digital sketch for the frozen version of the kid's bedroom
  • In the kid's bedroom as well as in the kitchen everything is Photoshop made.
  • The cold version of the bedroom
  • The first version of the kitchen had a window on a backyard, but the client thought the scene was too busy, so we decided to go with a plain wall.
  • Thanks! :)