• Ornament und Verbrechen
    In 1908 Architect Adolf Loos was so forthright in his modernist opinions that he felt it necessary to write an essay called Ornament und Verbrechen (Ornament and Crime) in which he condemns the use of ornament in any part of art, life or culture. 101 years later Peter and Paul have been asked by  mima Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art to design an identity for Ornament is Crime? A summer art fair which takes its cues from Adolf’s original rantings. 

    Peter and Paul ( http://www.peterandpaul.co.uk ) approached me to create a piece of typework to be used as the main logo for the project, this is the result - hope you like.

    Visit http://www.peterandpaul.co.uk/news/?p=465 to find out a bit more about the project.