Orison Branding

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  • Orison started out as a conceptual company based on the notion--the earth is sick, what if there was a pharmaceutical company that mademedicine to cure the earth?

    After doing research on earth's illness, anthropogenic climate change, I quickly realized Orison didn't have to be as conceptual as originally intended--a pharmaceutical company that made make-believe pills that a personified earth took--but in fact, people change could be the real cure for climate change.
  • Image layout is in reverse due to double sided printing
  • Producing the manual as a swatch-book reduced the paper amount from a potential 30 pages to only 6
  • The notion of "going green" is an over-saturated topic that results in either being thought of as a trend, or as something we're not really sure how to do nor what difference we can actually make. By combining the notion of our selfish needs to consume and our stubbornness to change simple lifestyle habits, Orison recontextualizes climate change in an easily comprehesible, fresh perspective in which the power of small change leads to massive change--curing the one home we have. 

     The packaging emphasizes a clean, metaphorical pharmaceutical aesthetic meant to deliver a simple message with big impact--giving tangible figures to the simple action of buying a compact florescent or planting a tree rather than perpetuating uneco-friendly habits. 
  • All packaging is 100% post-consumer and paper is FSC certified