Origami Sustainable Student Housing

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  • Design Concept Statement
    BSE Designs was commissioned to design Origami Student Housing, located at the University of Washington-Tacoma Campus. Creating a sustainably focused campus-housing for college students, Origami Student Housing will reflect The surrounding city of Tacoma, Washington. This residence hall will encompass sustainability by utilizing a comprehensive student experience where sustainable principles are practiced in the community and supported through the green living environment.

    Inspired by the Japanese paper art form, the origami, Origami Student housing will portray symmetrical spacial planning . In relation to the many uses of the origami, this student housing will encompass the many facets of sustainability such as, FF&E, Materials and Finishes, Sustainable lifestyle, and education. These facets are depicted throughout Origami Student Housing. 

    The spaces to be designed in the residence include a cafe, lobby, security office, recycling center, student lounge, RA suite, gym, multimedia space, study space, laundry facility, activity space, and 3 or more floors suite style apartments.

    Efforts to make this dorm as environmentally friendly as possible, initiatives to educate the residents will be put in place to increase awareness on sustainable practices. Along with education, the space will display a working green environment. 

    With a student population of 3,000 students, the University of Washington at Tacoma’s Origami Student Housing will accomplish three goals as it serves the college. These goals include, educating the student population on sustainable practice, stimulating social interaction within the residence, and providing a well-rounded environmentally friendly space.
  •  Exterior Facade
  • First Floor, Plan
  • Organic Cafe located on the First Floor
  •  Recycling Center Located on the First Floor
  •  Second Floor, Plan
  •  Lounge Space on Second Floor
  •  Study Space on the Second Floor
  •  Fitness Room located on the Second Floor
  •  Third, Fourth, & Fifth Floor, Plan 
  •  Common Room Located on the Third, Fourth & Fifth Floor
  •  Dorm Room Example Located on the Third, Fourth, Fifth Floors
  •  Cross Section
  •  Longitudinal Section