• Organikos Teaser

    We are proud to present our first 3D animated property, Organikos. Fully created, designed, developed and being produced inhouse at Cave, Organikos revolves around a story of apprentice SuperHero vegetables and fruits from around the world who attend a superhero school to learn the subtleties of being a hero while fighting against the evil GDO Corp.
    Teaser introduces the main characters and show what happens during our character's long wait for the shooting of the teaser to start in our green screen studio :)

    Thanks must go to the Cave Crew who put their heart into the project and really pushed for producing the best quality product possible. Here they are in no particular order:

    Erdem Taylan
    Mustafa Gündem
    Murat Can Oğuz
    Ömer Doru Süalp
    Burak Taşer
    Gökhan Güler
    Metin Göğüş
    Burak Dönmez
    Sezgin Öztürk
    Deniz Taylan

    Copyright 2009-2012 Cave.

  • In this project I took role as a visual development artist.Also I model and shade (some of the characters and probs) and VFX.