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Plastic Stretch Film product brand development
WrapForce Stretch Film
Rebranding and Print

Orbital Industries specializes in packaging, transport and stretch film in the West Midlands, UK. They have 5 different types of stretch films that have different properties that they wanted to promote and advertise for. The client asked for new logos, icons, and pamphlets that would not only advertise the different products, but create a brand image that it would follow.

For my internship at EDGE Creative Ltd. I was able to run with this project and try different solutions. It was an extremely difficult challenge to figure out how to represent five different plastics with a new and original idea that matched the Orbital logo itself. Since all of the plastics shared strength as a common property, I went with a 'chain-like' concept and developed a pentagon (each side representing a different stretch film). It was my intention that this pentagon shape would appear in each individual logo interlocking somehow with another element.

I only got a chance to develop the first product, WrapForce, and it was approved by the client. Eventually I would like to revisit this project and finish it for my personal benefit.