Orange Driver

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  • Above is a turntable viewing of the final model of Orange Driver using the Unreal Engine.
  • The Orange Honda Element that the character was designed for.  The character's shape and color scheme were both designed to fit the image of the car, and almost be a representation of what the car would look like had it been turned into a human.  
  • The final turn around sheet for Orange Driver.  The model was blocked out in maya, detailed in ZBrush, diffuse mapped, specular mapped, and retopologized in 3D coat, and normal mapped through Xnormals.
  • A simple sketch concieving the original concept for Orange Driver.  In the assignemnt given we were instructed to make our characters in the image of a person in real life.  Although this is the preferable image, I needed to find an actual person on campus.  You'll see in the above turn-arounds that the characters face is slightly different than the original concept, but still captures the intended theme.