Ora X

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  • Ora X
    Micro-riproposizione del classico di Bruno Munari
  • Khaa PINS! bring a classic of the italian design at button size:
    the 1945's “Ora X”, designed by Bruno Munari.

    Every piece of this mini-revival involves high workmanship, love for the details and a new range of colors to frame the spirit of Munari's work of art and put it on you!

    Sheets of colored acetate are hand-cut to form the half-discs, hands are glued on them and then everything is overlapped to form unique shapes and colors.

    Please take a look at the following gallery.
  • Here's a very close view. Please take a look at the hands, placed one by one over the discs.
  • Which do you like most? Here are mine =).