• Newspaper footer for a partnership Optivisão and Inatel
  • Mupi for Father's Day
  • Optilight (contact lenses) catalog 2013
  • Campaign "Protect your vision" with the partnership of  Medis
  • Campaign institutional Optivisão, frames for your taste
  • Moss eyewear brand, new advert mupis with top model Luísa Beirão 
  • New Car Wrap advertising visual screening mobile unit.
  • New York Yankees window display for Optivisão
  • Hello Kitty window display for Optivisão
  • Press Backdrops
  • Hello Kitty window display for Optivisão
  • Advert new line of eye-glasses for Optivisão
  • Cover design for notebook
  • Magazine advert "Credivisão Card".
  • Magazine advert all stores of Optivisão
  • Sign to the Zoo of Lisbon
  • T-shirt with a spot to clean your sun glasses
  • T-shirt with a sun glasses print in the front to the summer
  • E-mail banner to advert Optivisão partners
  • totem to Optivisão with a folder for advertising Credivisão "10 meses sem juros"
  • flyer to advertising Credivisão for Optivisão
  • posters advert x-ide glasses
  • pattern for umbrella Optivisão
  • rollup "lentes progressivas"
  • stickers to the shops Optivisão
  • Credits
    Agency: D+ Publicidade
    Designer: Gonçalo Soares
    Cliente: Optivisão
    All works are copyright of optivisao, some of them are my examples of creative ideas not being approved by the client.