Optimus - A Banda Mais Improvável da Europa

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  • The portuguese improbable duo Romana & Dead Combo starts its journey with their own “All Together Now” interpretation which gains new layers as they recruit some of the most famous (not necessarily talented) musicais of old continent - one in Spain, one in France, one in England and another one in Ireland.

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    Here, the fans will have the opportunity to fuel Europe’s Most Improbable Band’s van, so they can keep touring. Do do that, they will have to open the Optimus Tour Bus hood and read the hidden QR Code with their Smartphone. Each reading adds a “like”.


    Optimus Presents: Europe’s Most Improbable Band

    When a duo is not enough anyAmore, Romana and Dead Combo go on a tour to recruit the rest of the band amongst some of Europe’s most famous musicians.

  • Youtube

    The YouTube channel will allow us to navigate through the videos, grouped by the country where they were recorded. Every time we skip to another country, the scenery goes along and the Optimus Tour Bus moves to the next layout, where the videos from the next country will be available.
  • Público Online (newspaper)

    We didn’t want to create just another media plan. So we created a partnership with the newspaper to release editorial content following the tour to the tiniest detail. To spread the word about this content, on Publico’s home page, we developed a permanent banner where we could follow the Tour Bus 24h via Live Streaming. From here, we could navigate to the campaign’s YouTube, Facebook Page and to the newspaper exclusive content.
  • Público iPad

    Finally, on Públicos iPad app, we will amplify this editorial content, with a dedicated section called “Improbable Page”. Here, the fans will be able to follow Europe’s Most Improbable Band’s Tour through a roadmap, discover the musicians bios: the ones which already joined the bus and the ones up for voting.

    Besides that, the fans will also be able to follow the band’s latest updates, in news format. Lastly, the fans will also be able to “like” the contents, and these likes will be converted to fuel, enabling the band to reach its destiny.

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