Optical Illusion - Landscape out of stationery

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  • "Everything that we see, can be seen in another way. Therefore, I ask myself; isn't everything that we see an illusion anyway?"
    - Sandro del Prete
    Landscape made out of stationery
    This project was done in March 2012 under the theme "Optical Illusion". 
    I was highly inspired by artists such as Carl Warner, M.C. Escher and Liu Bolin who's work focus on optical illusions. It interested me how the optical view can be deceived so easily, thus make it a very appealing theme in the art and design world. 
    Optical illusions not only take place in photography or illustrations, but in everyday life. Our view on things is dependent on habituality and experience. 
    For the main tools, I thought of using something which was easy to work with, cheap in price and also something which was more of an everyday tool. I was also interested in working with something which was personal and important to myself as an artist and design student so I came up with stationery, something which has been piling up around me since I was a little girl and which I never threw away, no matter how old it was (yeah, many broken and dry colored pens finally found a new purpose in this project ha!).
    The tools I used were: plasticine, pencils, different colored crayons in all sizes, blue ink cartridges, white and colored chalk stones, erasers, paper clips, transparent colored paper, drawing pins. 
    The final landscape measured 60 x 50 cm. Photograph taken with Canon camera, later edited in Adobe Photoshop.
    Thank you for viewing!